iScribe Dication App


Scribe Inc. developed a web application to which doctors could upload audio files from recording devices they used to make treatment notes.  These audio files were transcribed and emailed back to the doctors in digital text format.  Scribe Inc. needed a more convenient platform that would allow users to send files on their iPhones and from their PC computers.


We created a windows application that detects recording devices that are connected to the user’s PC computer.  It recognizes a wide variety of devices, including the iPhone and the iPod Touch, allowing for added convenience.  The windows application then copies and uploads all audio files to the user’s Scribe Account.  Once uploaded, they are immediately sent for transcription, streamlining the process.  For added convenience, we developed an intuitive iPhone app that allows users to record and access audio files and transcribed notes on their mobile phones.

“Krisco Designs is always a pleasure to work with.  They are creative and thoughtful and bring keen eyes to development projects.  They work extremely well with others and do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Mark Boyce, President
Scribe Inc.

“When it comes to exceptional products we stand out because we know it’s all about heart. Passion Delivers Results. Every Time.”
Kris Bray, President