WE ARE KRISCO DESIGNS A CREATIVE APP STUDIO We help brands stand out from the crowd and succeed with our innovative ideas and top-notch services. TikTiks Sports & Concerts Discover events in your area and purchase tickets in seconds. Introducing AAMPP Produce, Share, Sell And Discover Independent Music. Advanced Data Analysis A vital drilling tool that calculates magnetic interference A brand new Learning Experience An interactive math book that brings the classroom to the tablet. Virtually Explore Our wetlands Bring your kids to the Wetlands Exhibit at Ralph Klein Park and become virtual explorers. Power Of Music Create Powerful stories by sharing photos or videos with soundcloud tracks! School is Social See how the University of Calgary's faculty of medicine created living, adapting CV's for medical students.
About Us

Krisco Designs is defined by innovation and fueled by our passion for turning ideas into products that get results. We’re excited to offer cutting-edge technologies in support of our clients’ goals and to utilize our expertise in bridging the gap between Windows and Mac operating system.

Our global success is driven by the results our clients achieve with our products. Since the launch of Krisco Designs in 2006, we’ve been delivering solutions for Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications, Government, Non-Profit, and many other industries. Also, we publish free open-source frameworks in support of the online developer community.

Although we have been developing iOS applications since the release of the original iPhone, we maintain a 100% approval rate on the App Store. As a member of Apple’s iOS Development Program, Krisco Designs can take advantage of any of the iPhone or iPad hardware features such as compass, camera and accelerometer.
A New Web Experience
Krisco Designs specializes in the creation of performance optimized, eye-catching web apps and websites built in various programming languages, including .NET and HTML. We provide advanced custom development and can create database-driven web applications that will provide amazing user
Research and Development

We make every effort to keep pace with modern industry trends and contribute to advancements in technology. In order to accomplish this, we unleash our inner geeks and indulge in exciting boundry-pushing projects. We tackle innovations such as custom robotics, automation, the open-source movement, 3D motion control, and other advancements in our field.


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